Bunny, don’t you worry! | DIY EASTER BOARD GAME

DIY Easter Board Game | Bunny, don't you worry | Motte's Blog

"Mensch, ärgere dich nicht“ is a classic German board game that has been played by many over the past hundred years and is still a much-loved pastime. It may even be the most played game in the country! (At least, I weren’t particularly surprised if it were so.) Which is somewhat surprising given that the title in itself is nothing short of a warning label.

A quick glance at the game’s packaging is indication enough that this is not a game for the light hearted. If you can’t keep your cool, this ain’t for you! “Mensch ärgere dich nicht” roughly translates to “Dude, don’t get upset”. Which is a clear indication that, yes, you will most definitely get upset – Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


DIY Geometric Triangle Easter Eggs | Motte's Blog

I do like eggs. Particularly in the mornings and in all the many ways they can be prepared – scrambled, boiled, poached, over-easy, you name it. Great on toast, plain, or with sauce and packed with proteins to make me feel like I’ve made a healthy choice.

Though I do steer away from green eggs and ham. After all, my name isn’t Sam. So that explains a lot.


DIY Paper Snowflake Easter Eggs | Motte's Blog

Unless you live in a self-made iglo-settlement (DIY or die!) somewhere in the vast snow-scape that is Antarctica, I‘m sure you’ve noticed by now that SPRING IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!! It’s true, ditch the mittens, the wollen blankets disguised as shawls and the hot cocoa – wait, maybe not the cocoa – because Hallelujah, the sun has come out!

Now, whether this gets you all excited, because you too are madly in love with peonies (and the internet suggests that must be) or have come to realize that your vitamin D insufficiency is much more severe than initially assumed, or whether this leaves you crawled up in bed in misery, whining because you miss the cold wind pressing against your cheeks, sledding and freakin SANTA, no worries, I’ve got you covered.