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You know you're up to no good a crafter when you buy a 12 by 16 inch, 11 pound world atlas at your local bookshop and feel bad because you know you'll be tearing it apart soon after.

It's true, I felt bad about my murderous intentions, but it did help that the thing only cost me 4€. Talk about a bargain for hundreds of pages of print!

Plus, I'm basically giving it a whole new purpose in life! Once gathering dust on somebody's shelving unit till deemed simply a waste of space, the book now gets to go places, travel the world!

Make Yourself at Home | DIY GUEST TRAY

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Summer time means vacation time! Beach huts, oversized hats, tan lines and freshly squeezed lemonade! What more could you need? Besides a million bucks and an Academy Award, that is.

But while that's all peachy and nobody wants it to end, it's time to face the facts: Summer is already coming to a close. I know, I know! I didn't want to say it, but really there was no way avoiding it! The days are getting shorter and our sleeves slightly longer.

To me this means that most of you will already have returned from your holidays and have returned to your everyday routine.

As is the case for me. It's been silent here for a while, because yes, I too have been skinny dipping and sipping mimosas. Or something similar.

Back in the (much too) familiar pace of things, this year, I have come up with the best way to brave the daily grind; to remedy those daily-routine blues, that post-vacation syndrome.


Recipe | Lemon and Yoghurt Cake in a Jar | Motte's Blog

I'm not sure why I've kept this recipe from you for so long. Because it is simply divine.

And I know what you're thinking.

No blogger has ever put a recipe out there without claiming it to be "the world's best", "a must-try" and "grannies favorite".

As I am not a qualified baker and have no professional culinary training whatsoever, I don't even want to make such a claim.

But! You are just going to have to trust me when I say with absolute certainty that this is at least the best cake in a jar that I have ever made! It is super moist and incredibly lemony. I took a first bite and thought I was chewing on the most gooey lemon bar. Which is saying a lot. Because lemon bars.

Crafter's Know-How | THE BLANKET STITCH

Crafter's Know-How | The Blanket Stitch | DIY Embroidered Postcard | Motte's Blog

Soundslike the most cozy thing on the planet, but does involve needles, so a word of caution.

The so-called Blanket Stitch is a super easy embroidery technique to encase a piece of fabric - or in this case, a postcard - in cute trimming that evens out the edges and creates a neat finish.

Fitting, because I too love to wrap myself up in a cuddly-wuddly blanket with not much more than a good book. Granted, it might just be a tad too hot for sheep's wool and piping hot tea; but a summer's night out on the balcony with a little padding under the bum sounds good enough for me.


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