cracks painted onto a bunch  of Easter eggs using a marker

I’ve had a blast all day. I’ve been running around with a sad face telling everybody that I spent all morning painting Easter eggs, only to drop them shortly after.

It’s funny because it’s not true.

I mean, I did spend the morning making yet another batch of personalized Easter eggs, true. But the cracks didn’t occur from a tumble down the stairs, but rather from a carefully placed felt tip.

I was just cracking a joke.

Get it?


DIY Comic Book Easter Eggs | Motte's Blog

"Of all people, you know who I am… Who the world needs me to be. I’m WONDER WOMAN!”

Hands down, what I like most about comic books are the strong female characters. They are assertive and in control, they take charge and have a no-bullshit attitude. Are they overly sexualized? Most definitely. I mean, can a jumpsuit be any tighter?

But they are also powerful and physically strong. (Which in my opinion is something that should be way more natural in our perception of women and the female physique.) They have these handy manipulation skills and cool gadgets.

A boomerang tiara? A lasso of truth??

The Countdown Begins | DIY Advent Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar | Motte's Blog

In Germany we say: “Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude.“ Which roughly translates to: ”The greatest joy lies in the anticipation [rather than in the event itself].”

Perhaps that is why advent calendars are so popular in German-speaking regions. The tradition reaches all the way back to the early 19th century, but even today I can hardly name a family in my immediate surroundings that doesn’t have at least one advent calendar up on the walls; bursting with goodies and ready to be plundered by impatient offspring and well, adults just the same.

Just Bead It | DIY Printing with Beads

DIY Iron-On Bead Stamps | Stamping with Beads | Motte's Blog

Looking back at my childhood, I recall fond memories of play dates involving iron-on beads: hundreds (nay, thousands!) covering the living room floor, the smell of plastic in the air, multi-colored heart-shaped coasters, rainbows ranging from grey to brown to grey, and puppies that bear more resemblance to shell fish than a juvenile dog.

Bunny, don’t you worry! | DIY EASTER BOARD GAME

DIY Easter Board Game | Bunny, don't you worry | Motte's Blog

"Mensch, ärgere dich nicht“ is a classic German board game that has been played by many over the past hundred years and is still a much-loved pastime. It may even be the most played game in the country! (At least, I weren’t particularly surprised if it were so.) Which is somewhat surprising given that the title in itself is nothing short of a warning label.

A quick glance at the game’s packaging is indication enough that this is not a game for the light hearted. If you can’t keep your cool, this ain’t for you! “Mensch ärgere dich nicht” roughly translates to “Dude, don’t get upset”. Which is a clear indication that, yes, you will most definitely get upset – Don’t say I didn’t warn you!